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New Contemporary Figurative Realism

A superb wrinkle, a fleeting smile, a sketched gesture, a hectic sea, a menacing wave. From portrait to sea, from the sea to scenes of life, from back and forth favourites that delight and delight, in the same creative way. A mixture that creates bubbling foam, which sometimes floats above the waters, like almost motionless clouds, which freeze the time of a snapshot of a painter's dream who marvels at so much beauty, ephemeral beauty, that it is necessary to quickly lie on the canvas , to immortalize the moment, on this canvas that once completed will be left in pasture to the indifferent eyes of passers-by who pass, or perhaps aficionados who will appropriate it, sometimes with a compliment to the author. Art is around us, is in us, seeing it and appreciating it to varying degrees depends on our own sensibility, sometimes helped by a modest trigger that is the path of a painter's brush on a canvas.

In fact the joy of painting is sometimes our first and last beautiful reward.

Tirade of a painter who in small steps comes out of the shadows to approach the light.

Jacques Charles LIGOUREAUD
Singing New Figurative Realism

Perpetual Member of the Taylor Foundation
Ambassador of the European Institute of Contemporary Arts

Gold Medal Received in the Senate for French Merit and Dedication
Medalist of the Academy of Arts-Sciences and Letters
Medal of vermeil of the European Institute of Contemporary Arts
Former President of The Livryens artists

it's high time I let you visit

Walk as you please, as for me I have on the bridge a portrait that is highly anticipated, provided it is resembling


Arts at Haras 2019

under the Lions Club Egide
La Roche on Yon
May 17 to May 19, 2019

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St. Petersburg
dU 21 August to 20 October 2019

portraits series

       série marines

last realisation HUILE
The old beach library